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Metasurfaces will control the colour of your car
Imagine if you could change the colour of your car to match your mood simply by tapping on your phone.
22 May 2018

The ability to control the appearance of objects at will might actually become a reality in the future. Assistant Professor Søren Raza from DTU Nanotech has just started a new project on Smart Optics where he will work on nanostructures in metasurfaces. The idea is to use electrical current to activate and change metasurfaces thereby making it possible to change the appearance and properties of a surface repeatedly.

Until now, most research has focused on passive metasurfaces. This means that once they have been fabricated, they cannot be changed. Although some advances have been made, very little research has focused on active metasurfaces that can be changed repeatedly.

For the next four years, Søren and his team will be looking into this challenge in this project funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. They will investigate how to make the most optimal design for active metasurfaces, which can be controlled and altered after fabrication.

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