Technologist addresses the major challenges of science, innovation and technology, focusing on their impact on society and the economy. Launched as a print magazine in 2014, Technologist has become a purely digital player in June 2018.

With stories written by independent journalists and infographics developed by award-winning graphic designers, Technologist is a key initiative to highlight the best and most exciting research and innovation in Europe.

Technologist is produced by the EuroTech Universities Alliance, a partnership of leading universities of science and technology committed to excellence in research and to developing solutions to major societal challenges.

Through the EuroTech Universities Alliance, five institutions combine their strengths and connect their innovation ecosystems across borders, contributing to Europe’s leadership in technology.

Editorial board

EuroTech Universities Alliance
Emily Palmer
Inga Odenthal

Technical University of Denmark
Tine Kjær Hassager
Louise Simonsen

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Madeleine von Holzen
Emmanuel Barraud

Eindhoven University of Technology
Sandra Buys
Han Konings

Technical University of Munich
Ulrich Marsch

École Polytechnique
Kristina Lutsik

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Publishing directors

Pierre Grosjean, Gabriel Sigrist

Managing editor

Robert Gloy


Adrià Budry Carbó
Ben McCluskey
Ben Skuse
Blandine Guignier
Carine Neier
Céline Bilardo
Clément Bürge
Conor Paul Purcell
Edwin Cartlidge
Gaia Donati
Guillaume Meyer
Henry Muller
Jean-Christophe Piot
Joe Dodgshun
Julie Zaugg
Luc Henry
Marie Sandoz
Paul Marks
Paula Dupraz-Dobias
Robert Gloy
Sophie Gaitzsch
Sylvain Menétrey
Tiago Pires
Yann Bernardinelli

Editorial advisor

Henry Muller


Paula Moreno Russi


Daniel Barrio Olmos


LargeNetwork,, Aleksandar Savić

Photo editor

Sabrine Elias Ducret

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